Fanny Artisan Leather Sandal
Fanny Artisan Leather Sandal

Fanny Artisan Leather Sandal

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The fanny Artisan leather sandal is our new best seller! Three different color bands cross over the foot and a toe band finishes it. Extremely comfortable in Chamoix finish leather, supple and soft.

The Artisan cobblers in small village workshops have handcrafted all of our sandals. We use vegetable-tanned leathers & natures elements to create each unique piece. The leather is "rolled" before it is made into a sandal, thus creating it's soft and slightly "worn-in" look and feel. The outsole rubber is ridged to prevent slipping and allows the sandal to bend. We place a layer of foam between the leather insole & rubber outsole of the sandal making very it comfortable for a simple stroll, or walking long miles..

  • color: as shown
  • sizes: 9 sorry other sizes are sold up - reduced to $79 from $129.

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