Lorainne Artisan Leather Sandal
Lorraine Artisan Leather Sandal

Lorraine Artisan Leather Sandal

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The softest of chamoix leathers is shaped into this adjustable sandal that you can buckle around your foot. Your feet will be in heaven when you slip them into this mushy leather sandal. Soft leather straps lace around your foot to tie in a bow on top. It is a most naked and sexy shape of a sandal that you can be in without sacrificing any of the sweet comfort that you expect! A single loop holds the big toe and the ankle is secured with the band that you can adjust. Your feet are otherwise naked!

The Artisan cobblers in small village workshops have handcrafted all of our sandals. We use vegetable-tanned leathers & natures elements to create each unique piece. The leather is "rolled" before it is made into a sandal, thus creating it's soft and slightly "worn-in" look and feel. The outsole rubber is ridged to prevent slipping and allows the sandal to bend. We place a layer of foam between the leather insole & rubber outsole of the sandal making very it comfortable for a simple stroll, or walking long miles...


  • Available Colors: Coffee as shown
  • Sizes: 9 only - sorry all other sizes are sold out at this time

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